Unoa Lusis Body Blushing Done!

So, yep, as the title states, I finally finished blushing her and she’s all restrung now. Unfortunately despite being careful I already chipped the body blushing while taking these photos. :p However it’ll be in an area that’s clothed so I’m not feeling broken up about it. Really I’m just so glad to have her back together and looking fantastic. The wigs still need to be styled in these shots, but she is really coming together towards the look I want. :3

This is a full body shot that fairly accurately depicts the color of the blushing. I probably went a little overboard on the knees, but oh well. :p On the plus side of this whole process, after I restrung her, she stands so much better now! Before she didn’t really want to stand, so I’m so glad. I’ll probably have to suede her ankle joints though since they still seem a little slippy.

Anyway this one, I played around with using cooler colors in the color balance. I think I’m favoring the dark brown wig over the natural red. I think she makes a great natural red though, so maybe it’s just the cut of the bangs on the redhead wig. I’ll have to spend some time styling both wigs and see.

So that’s it. Now I need to dig out some clothes for her, and there will probably be some photo shoots in the future. I want to try to take her to the park near our house and get some shots in nature with her, but urgh…I don’t wanna be embarrassed carrying a doll around, lol. XD

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  1. You did a really great job on her color! I love the blushing around the joints especially, I think it gives a more youthful lolita look! I like the darker wig, but both look good.

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