Custom Draculaura Complete!

So here she is, my first custom Draculaura doll, clearly though she is no longer a Draculaura! Anyhow through the painting process I realized that A) I bought a acrylic medium that was glossy and B) I need smaller brushes!! I thought the detail brushes I used for dollhouse stuff was going to be small enough, but clearly I need something even smaller.

Overall I’m really happy with how she turned out. She has a few flaws, a wayward brush stroke on her belly which looks like a scar, and her bangs are messed up a little since I accidentally pulled some out after removing the hair protection for when I sprayed her with sealer. I think her eye paint could be cleaner, but I think that’s a matter of needing smaller brushes and practice. I am going to go back to the art supply though and try to return the gloss medium. I don’t know if art supplies take returns or not, but for the price it is, I should at least try.

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  1. Thanks! I ordered some saran hair from in the color bitter chocolate brown. It’s a really deep rich brown, like dark chocolate. 😉

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