AE Yara – Wig Woes

yarawigwoesThe wig I ordered off of a very nice seller on DoA arrived today. It’s a really nice wig, BUT…..It doesn’t fit my AE Yara!!! D: This is the second 7/8 wig that I’ve tried that does not work with my mini AE Yara. The first one I figured the problem was that it was old and cheap, but this new wig is a very nice Volks wig. I measured both of my wigs and they both measure exactly 7 inches. The mini Yara head measures just a scootch over 7 inches, so in theory these wigs should work, but they do not.

I posted about my woes in the AE mini thread on DoA, and it was suggested that I find wigs made for Unoa. So now, in my last ditch effort to have a decent wig (cause I’m out of money), I ordered a 6/7 Jpop dolls wig that was advertised as fitting Unoa/Narae so I am keeping my fingers crossed that when this wig comes in that it will work. According to the advert this wig also stretches to 7.5 inches, so I think I should be safe……*fingers crossed*

In other news my Dolly Dolly Volume 16 shipped yesterday, but shipping was a bitch. XP Still though, I’m looking forward to my new book.

Skinny MSD Panty Pattern & Tut

Ok, so this pattern and tutorial is for making panties for a skinny MSD. The doll I was working with is my AE Yara, and in comparing her measurements with Unoa, it looks like this panty pattern should also work for Unoa and the 43cm Narae. Anyway before I get on with the tutorial, all I ask is that you don’t post my pattern elsewhere or use it for monetary gain.

With that out of the way, we are ready to begin! Now I’m going to put the rest of this tut behind a cut since it’s very image heavy, but you’ll need the pattern first, so here is a link to grab it:

Now once you get this pattern, print it out at 100%. If it prints out anything other than 100% the sizes will be off, so be sure to check your scale when you print. To double check that it printed the right size, I marked along the side where each inch would fall, so compare that with your ruler. If it doesn’t match up to your ruler, it’s been printed wrong.

On to the rest of the tut!

Meet Laika

Alright, so I know that I just posted a big swath of arrival pictures, but now I’ve had the opportunity to do a mini photo shoot with her, and I want to share some of my faves. So without further ado, here is my newly named AE Yara, Laika!



There is also a larger version of the first image in my flickr account if you are interested in seeing the pics larger.

AE Yara Arrived!

It wasn’t but maybe 15-30 minutes after I made my post about waiting that my Asleep Eidolon Yara doll arrived! So I was able to snap pics of taking her out of the box and getting her dressed and stuff before dinner, which was good times. Anyway I have a ton of photos to share, but to share them all would make everything super image heavy, so I shall put them all behind a cut!

See all of the arrival photos!

Waiting on a New Doll

I ordered a new MSD size Asleep Eidolon Yara doll over the weekend at Mint on Card.  I got confirmation that she shipped today and that she should be here by Wed if the Fedex tracker is telling the truth.  I had intentions of getting a girl SD13 sized doll next to be a companion for my DIM Danbi, but the 60cm dolls are still outside my price range at the moment.  Because the Asleep Eidolon MSD are going to have a new body type, Mint on Card is discounting all of their old, slim style doll bodies, which was a big factor in affordability for me.  Also I rather like the slim body, so I am glad I was able to snatch one up before they will no longer be available.  Anyway I am looking forward to getting my new doll, and I shall have to snap some pictures when she arrives!