Nina gets a 25cm SB Obitsu – Deflopping Tutorial Inside


I decided with some left over Xmas money, to get my Nina a new obitsu. I really disliked her 27cm hard bust obitsu because the waist joint would constantly come apart, which meant I always had to worry about her loosing the bottom half of her body if I took her anywhere or showed her to friends. Also I felt like downsizing to the 25cm so she could work better with the dollhouse. I did of course design the dollhouse to even fit Taeyang, but having Pullip at 25cm makes the ceilings higher for her, and the re-ment kitchen works better for her as well. Anyway in the pic above you can see the height difference between the two bodies.

The rest of this posting is going to be behind a cut as it will be pic intensive, but I have a short obitsu deflopping tutorial inside, so read on if interested