New Kemper Wigs and Eyes Arrived.

I ordered a handful of Kemper’s mohair doll wigs last week and they arrived today, so I had some fun trying the different colors and styles on my MSD gals. The wigs I purchased were the Giselle mohair in medium brown in both sizes 6-7 and 2-3, the 2-3 being for my Brownie which I will get to later, and lastly I ordered the Raven mohair in medium brown and carrot colors, both size 6-7. Above, Sona is wearing the Raven medium brown, and I love how it looks on her, though I was tinkering with the levels of the image in photoshop so it appears a bit darker in the pic than it does in person. Yara is wearing the same shade, but in the Giselle style, and lastly my Unoa Lusis is wearing the Raven wig in carrot, though again the adjusted colors make the wig appear more red.

So, here are my overall impressions of these wigs. First of all the 6-7 Raven wigs fit both Unoa and my Dollmore Kid Sona very well with no problems, but I was really kind of sad to find that it was difficult to get this style of wig to fit on my AE Yara. 🙁 It seemed like the room was there in the headcap, but perhaps because of the shape of the cap or the shape of my Yara’s head, the wig just kept popping right off. I really wanted Yara to be able to wear the Raven carrot mohair, because she was really the doll I had in mind when I ordered it. I am however going to maybe play around with the wig and perhaps add some velcro to Yara’s headcap to see if perhaps it might help any. What’s weird is that the Giselle style wig is just a scootch bigger in the wig cap and therefore can be worn by all 3 dolls, however I just wasn’t as fond of that one. The chocolate color, or medium brown shade as listed on the site is a really gorgeous dark brown. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed by the shade of dark brown, and the Raven wigs are especially soft. Both Sona and Lusis look really good in the medium brown Raven wig, so it’s going to be difficult to choose which gets to wear it. ^^; As for the carrot color…I guess I was hoping for something a little more red like in the picture I took, but in actuality the carrot mohair from kemper is more of a natural redhead, copper sort of tone. I may consider experimenting with dying the wig, but that will have to wait for later.

Last but not least my little Brownie Haha got a new wig too, and oh I just find it super adorable. The wig she is wearing the the Giselle mohair, medium brown in size 2-3. When I first saw this wig in it’s package I had a squee moment because I could already tell it didn’t have that odd bulk that a lot of tiny wigs can have, but then when I tried to fit it on her I realized that it was going to be problematic. ^^;; I’m not sure if the size 2-3 in this style is just a skootch small or whether it’s just a matter of headcap shape and dealing with such a tiny head, but the wig wanted to pop off. Because I really loved the wig I spent some time gently stretching it, and I added a small piece of double sided tape to my Brownie’s headcap to help the wig stay on. Just doing this apparently worked because the wig fits her fine now. I’m so in love with this wig because I feel that finally I have something that looks natural for a tiny doll her size. It’s not overly bulky, and the hair is fine enough to be passable scale wise. I’m still curious how the 3-4 might fit a Brownie, but I’m so pleased with this wig that I don’t foresee buying any new wigs for her for a long time. 🙂

So, there’s my adventures with Kemper wigs for what it’s worth. I do love their mohair, and their acrylic eyes also surprised me with how nice of quality they are, especially for the price!! So yay! Another good order fulfilled by Kemper. 🙂

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