New Wig and Photoshoot!


The new wig has arrived! It is a Luts “baby wave” mohair wig in carrot. At first when it had arrived I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to put it on actually as I had begun to grow fond of Frara’s stock wig. In the end I decided to go for it and I’m glad I did. I rather like the wig, and it’s soooo darned soft! Anyway I may do some more styling to it, but the natural looking everywhere curls are growing on me so we’ll see. I posted a few more new wig shots at my flickr which you can find here: Or you can just click the flickr widget in the sidebar.

I realize that I haven’t named my Dal yet. I am keeping Nina and Sage’s names because I like them, but Frara, does nothing for me. It sounds like the Chinese restaurant servers in A Christmas Story singing Deck the Halls…”Fra ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra rah!” XD Anyway I was kind of thinking of something old fashioned sounding like Coralie, Edeline or maybe even Katherine, then she could be Corie, Edie, or Kitty respectively. Well, I shall have to give some more thought to it.

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