Unoa Lusis – New Face-up!

So, here she is finally with a new face! It seems like it took me forever, and I still wasn’t able to accomplish everything I wanted, but it’s a learning process and I am very happy with her. 🙂 I think she looks pretty awesome in the dark brown wig, but I also tried the red wig on her as well and she also looks good as a redhead. I’m not sure which wig she will get in the end. I figure I’ll decide that after I finish the body blushing. As it turns out, I botched the feet blushing twice due to sealant problems, and then I botched the face-up on the second face-plate due to my own error. :p Because of all this I am now out of sealer, so I will have to get a new can of sealer before I am able to finish the body blushing. Now that her face is done I’m super excited to put her back together and dress her up! Unfortunately it will rain tomorrow or I’d plow right through everything, but I’ll have a chance to work on her again this weekend. Anyway I’ll end by re-posting the pics I took of her when she first arrived to me so you can see the difference!

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