Mushroom Forest Dollhouse Plates Completed.

I finished the second set of plates that I plan to use in my 1:12 scale kitchen. Even though the clay turned out a little more tan than beige, I think I am really quite satisfied with the finished product. 🙂 I had a lot of fun making my plates, and I’d really like to make more, but I recently decided it was high time I tried to work on my handmade BJD project again, so currently my workspace is tied up. Normally I wouldn’t mind having more than one project going at once, but considering the BJD I am making is made from LaDoll and the plates are polymer clay, I figure it’s best to keep those two things well away from each other.

Again it seems there needs to be more time in a day and more workspace available. I imagine if I weren’t dividing my time between dolly crafts and comic work I would have more progress to show, but alas comic work pays and dolly work does not….at least not yet. I am still considering selling some of my plates. When I finally get around to setting up shop I’ll be sure to post a link. 😉

My progress on 1:12 scale polymer clay plates

I finished my first set of plates today, and they are the ones you can see in the picture. I hand painted the design and glossed them up so they look glazed. I have a total of 6 “Spring Green” plates and bowls which is the design above, and I am only keeping 3 of each, so I think I will be offering these for sale, but I don’t plan to put them up on etsy until I finish my “Mushroom Forest” plates and perhaps make some 1:12 scale table runners to match.

I’ve been way into polymer clay as of late, and I still need to try out those mini cutters from the previous post, but I’m also feeling the creative urge to get started on making the kitchen cabinetry. LOL, here I am jumping the gun and making plates before I even have a place to store them. XD Fuuu~ there needs to be more time in the day…

Dolly/Dollhouse Find.

I saw a tip on Youtube that told of miniature cookie cutters in a packet of mini buttons at Michael’s, so I went out looking for them in the afternoon and ta-da I found them. This set is a Xmas set and is mostly mini buttons, which isn’t a bad thing if you like to make clothes for Brownies, PukiPukis or Lati Whites. The really awesome thing though is the miniature cookie cutters that come with the set that you can see shining silver in the packet. These cookie cutters aside from being good miniature fodder have the potential to be good polymer clay cutters for making your own homemade mini cookies. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but I will note that they are made of plastic which is unfortunate. Anyway when I get a chance to try them out I will be sure to make a follow up posting about it, or I will edit the information here.

Making 1:12 Scale Polymer Clay Dishes

I felt like making a set of custom dishes for my 1:12 scale dollhouse, so after reviewing some tutorials online I played around with creating some plates and bowls. I ended up having a lot of fun and sorta getting in the zone while creating these that I ended up making quite a lot. XD

At this point all of the plates and bowls have been fired and I’m working on sanding and refining them. The beige plates turned out a little darker after firing than I wanted. I was aiming for more of an off-white plate, so I may wind up painting them a lighter color. I also have plans to attempt to paint some designs on all of the plates. The beige plates I made specifically to match my kitchen and I wanted to do a red mushroom motif on them. I’m not certain what I want to do with the white plates and bowls. Originally I imagined doing something a little shabby chic looking, but the style of dishes might not lend to that. Maybe it’s time to review Crate and Barrel’s dish designs, lol.

I think I made more than I need, and I kind of feel like experimenting more with the polymer clay, so I may wind up making some of these to sell as well. If I do offer any for sale I’ll be sure to make a posting.

Bedding Finished!

I finished the bedding this afternoon and I decided to put the bed together and snap a few pics of it in the upstairs bedroom of the dollhouse. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, though I think I may make some some more throw pillows to fill out the bed a little more. I posted a few more pictures of the room and my Brownie Haha in my flickr account which you can check out here:

At this point I need to focus on drawing, so I’m putting away the dollhouse until possibly this weekend. I’d like to finish out the bedroom a little more, but I still have to put in some flooring and wallpaper, so I should probably focus on that stuff before I do more decorative things. Well, enough rambling! Time to do my comic work.