Dolly Find – Barbie Clothes for Pullip


I went out shopping yesterday evening with the main goal of trying to find some cheap Barbie clothes for my new Pullip. If you don’t know already, Barbie clothes will fit Pullip..well for the most part. Anyhow I found a cheap clothing set at Target for $2.34 or somewhere around there. This set only includes a top and a pair of shorts, no shoes included. I made some notes about this particular set on what issues they have so anyone else who is shopping can be aware.

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Good Dolly Find – Plush Bunny


I found this little plush bunny today at Hobby Lobby in the doll aisle. It measures about 4 inches from it’s ear tips to it’s feet and it works brilliantly as a plush to for MSD sized dolls. It also works as a pretty good plush for Pullips and 60cm dolls. For Pullip it will be an oversize plush though. The great thing about this find is that the bunny has jointed limbs so you can pose it, and it was only $1.00! They also had small bears there and larger sized bears and bunnies if you are looking for oversize plush for your 60cm and up sized dolls.

I found some other fab things today at Hobby Lobby, but I am going to save them for another post when I have time to get some nice pics of my other finds. So stay tuned! 😀

My Pullip Nina Arrived!


My Nina arrived today and I was so excited to get her. I am so pleased with her overall look, and I love the ability to make her look in different directions, however we had a snafu….a sad sad snafu….when I went to bend her knees for her to sit, her knee join snapped. D’:> Yes, it was woesville for a while, but I have since ordered a new 27 inch obitsu for her, so it looks like I’ll be modding her much sooner than planned. Anyway I’ll put the full account of today’s adventures, plus pic of the break behind a cut.

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I Ordered My First Pullip!

f552ninaIt’s been a while since I last posted…shoo, summer just got away from me! However I have some dolly news, from the proceeds of my doll clothing sales I was finally able to buy my first Pullip! I had been wanting a Pullip for quite some time, and I am so excited to be able to finally get one. As you can tell by the pick in the post, I decided to go with the school girl Nina. I liked her face-up a lot, and her dark eyes and brown wig are sweet and give her that “classic girl” look. It was actually a close race between Nina and Papin. I liked the amount of separates you got with Papin, but I wasn’t too sure about the pink mohair wig and purple eyes. It might not be too long before I start experimenting on my Nina though, as much as I like her overall look, I have a really nice auburn/red wig lying around here I might like to try, and I also really love those multicolor eyechips you can get at cool-cat.

I am also really super excited to make some new clothes for her, but that will have to wait until she arrives so I have a model to work with, but my Dolly Dolly book has a lot of super cute Blythe/Pullip patterns I can have fun with. I am also excited to have a doll that will work with all of the adorable re-ment merchandise out there! I can’t wait to start buying re-ment! I think I shall die from the waiting! Hopefully my Nina will arrive before the weekend. 🙂

Good Dolly Find – Barrettes

dollyfindExcuse the bad photography, but today when I was in Target I found a nice set of 8 mini barrettes the perfect size for MSD and SD dolls as well as Pullip. 😀 You get an assortment of colors all for only $1.79 per pack, so they are a very affordable accessory. I found these over in the health and beauty section by the brushes and headbands and such. I don’t imagine you could find anything smaller in the baby section, as you can see from the pic, that these are pretty tiny.

Happy shopping! 😉