I Ordered My First Pullip!

f552ninaIt’s been a while since I last posted…shoo, summer just got away from me! However I have some dolly news, from the proceeds of my doll clothing sales I was finally able to buy my first Pullip! I had been wanting a Pullip for quite some time, and I am so excited to be able to finally get one. As you can tell by the pick in the post, I decided to go with the school girl Nina. I liked her face-up a lot, and her dark eyes and brown wig are sweet and give her that “classic girl” look. It was actually a close race between Nina and Papin. I liked the amount of separates you got with Papin, but I wasn’t too sure about the pink mohair wig and purple eyes. It might not be too long before I start experimenting on my Nina though, as much as I like her overall look, I have a really nice auburn/red wig lying around here I might like to try, and I also really love those multicolor eyechips you can get at cool-cat.

I am also really super excited to make some new clothes for her, but that will have to wait until she arrives so I have a model to work with, but my Dolly Dolly book has a lot of super cute Blythe/Pullip patterns I can have fun with. I am also excited to have a doll that will work with all of the adorable re-ment merchandise out there! I can’t wait to start buying re-ment! I think I shall die from the waiting! Hopefully my Nina will arrive before the weekend. 🙂

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