Dollmore & Asleep Eidolon Resin Comparison

After getting my Sona out of her box, one of the first things I wanted to do was to see how the tint of Dollmore’s resin compared to Asleep Eidolon’s resin. The Dollmore kid body lacks the mature features that many of the other female MSD bodies have, so there are many Dollmore kid owners who have been pondering how they can get a more mature body for their girls. Of course I am in no hurry to hybridize my Sona because she is just to perfect to me right now, but perhaps after her newness wears off I may find myself more willing to embark on experimentation. Anyway on with the comparison pics.

In this pic we have Sona on the left and my AE Yara on the right. My AE Yara has the old style slim body, and the AE girls are now on their third body type which is no longer as slim. I don’t know if AE’s resin color has changed at all between incarnations but if I find any definitive information I will be sure to edit this posting. Anyhow from the pic you can see that the two resins are very similar and I would say they are a pretty good match. AE’s resin is ever so slightly more cream colored and Dollmore’s is slightly whiter, but you really have to sit there and analyze and nit-pick in order to see the difference.

Anyway here is a close-up with more natural light from the window for those of you who would like more comparison shots in different lighting. Hopefully these pics can help people with their decision making when they are considering a different body for their Dollmore Kid.

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