Delays and Dalliances

I haven’t been able to make any more progress on refurbishing my barbie fridge or any of the other furniture I have received because of the stinking weather. :p Every day it has been hot, humid, stormy and mostly overcast. So right now I have half of a old barbie chair painted with the other half waiting for a drop in the humidity. I’m also still waiting for sun to try a second type of bleaching experiment on the sweet roses fridge which involves sunlight, but I’ll get more into that later.

I imagine I should just work on Cookie some more, but a migraine has kept me in bed most of the day, and I’m just feeling too yucky to motivate much. XP So basically I’ve been spending this down time with my laptop in bed and looking at other dolly sites and such to satisfy my dolly obsessing. I managed to find a couple interesting dolly blogs that have a good deal of 1:6 scale diorama info or eye candy, which I thought I would share.

The first one is Corsetkitten’s Workshop:
This blog is heavy into 1:6 scale dioramas and fashion dolls, but she does have some Blythe and Momoko. She has some “making of” tutorial type bits on making 1:6 scale dioramas and also makes some of her own miniatures. Lots of informative dolly posts as well as just random doll blabber which is fun to read too!

The second site is Nerea Pozo:
This blog is pretty much Lati tinies and Blythe exclusive, though occasionally I see some postings on minis. The big thing here though is the eye candy! She makes these incredible little dioramas for Lati tinies or Blythe dolls that she sometimes sells. There is less so much tutorial information here, but looking at all the eye candy is sure to give you ideas, and they are just too gorgeous not to look at. Also if you visit her domain, you can also see some of her custom Blythe and Blythe artwork.

I would absolutely love to hear of any other sites other people may have found, because it’s always nice to have new sites to visit, especially when you are ill in bed. Feel free to comment and share any other dolly links, but do keep in mind that if you post more than two links my spam filter is going to flag it for me to check before it can appear.

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  1. I’ve been watching Nerea’s dioramas on eBay, they sell for crazy prices..! I think I will rather use her blog as a source of inspiration and stop dreaming of getting “an original”. The other blog was neat too; I am currently repainting that same cafe table myself (I only have one set, though – Barbie furniture is too expensive here to go over board in shopping..). Previously, I’ve repainted a Barbie piano and a bicycle. Oh, and of course I had to go purchase one of those “coin bank” heads; I already have two Blythe clones and one of them lies scattered all over our kitchen table right now (good thing my kids aren’t easily spooked by opened doll heads and loose eyes..!).

    Linda’s blog is pretty neat, although there isn’t much DIY stuff there, mostly presentations of designer style premade stuff:

  2. Yeah, I saw that her last auction went really high, though it started very reasonable. I like to use her pictures as inspiration too, but sometimes looking at the perfectness of her dioramas make me feel like my dollhouse is less than adequate. XP

    I’d say new barbie furniture here is priced OK for a single set, but you know, if you really consider that it’s all cheap mass produced plastic from China, you begin to feel you should have paid less, lol. I wish re-ment had more furniture components, because for a little more money I think you get stuff that is far superior.

    On the topic of Blythe, I’ve really been considering getting one, since I just received payment from some commission work I did. I really like the Nicky Lad and Cassiopeia Spice dolls, but after seeing the sketch for Very Vicky, I’m waiting to see what that final doll will look like.

    Thanks for sharing that blog link too btw. I loved scrolling through all of the dolly eye candy!

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