Monster High Draculaura

SoOOooo, I guess I’m getting on the Monster High customizing bandwagon because I bought my first Draculaura last week. The image to the left is of her straight out of the box, the only thing I did to her was trim her bangs to remove that weird, vampy, widows peak thing she had going, and I also let her hair down out of her ponytail. I think I’m finally starting to solidify how I want to customize her. I am fairly certain I will be re-rooting her hair, whether partial or full, and she is definitely getting her face repainted and her body blushed. Currently I’m waiting for my order of doll hair from before I make any definite decisions about her hair. On the one hand her pink streaks have a punkish charm, but on the other hand it can kinda be tacky city. XP I’ve got to figure out what to do with her hair first though, because there is no way I’m rerooting after a custom paint only to wreck it with half my sealer coming off during the process, which is what happened during my Rainbow Dash custom project. Speaking of Dashy, I acquired the glue I needed and she’s drying right now. As soon as her glue dries I’ll put together her tail, pop her head back on and start the styling process on her mane.

Getting back to Draculaura now, I did find out that if you want to retain her natural hair and use a wig, then 6-7 is a perfect fit. Here she is trying on one of my MSD girl’s wigs. See, she’s starting to look cuter already! I also bought a Liv wig on clearance at Target to try, but I’ll be saving that for another posting. I’ve also dug up quite a few excellent rerooting tutorials in my quest for knowledge before I attempt what will be my second rerooting project, but my very first dolly one (since Dashy is a pony after all!). Anyhow I shall be trying to share as much info as I can with you as I go through the customizing process. I am very looking forward to another dolly project!!