Dolly Find – Costume Hair!

The restaurant we had dinner at tonight also happened to have a Dollar Tree in the same plaza with it, so after dinner I went in there to have a browse to see what kind of doll things they may have, and lo and behold I found these dress up hair headbands in there. I’m unsure as to what the fiber is as of yet, but I suspect it’s either nylon or kanekalon. The fiber is coarse but very soft, and to be frank, it’s no more coarse than an Iplehouse wig I have. The color on these two is an interesting plum-pink color that can change a little bit depending on lighting, the pic on the left shows more of the true color. Each headband has I would say roughly 2 long hanks of hair on it, which does not include the braid that follows the headband. At a dollar each I figure these will be perfect fodder for my first attempt in trying to weft and make my own custom doll wig. I’m not sure how long these will be in the stores, or how long Dollar Tree keeps stock of things, so if you are interested you’d better get out there and grab some! They also had blonde, brunette and a natural redhead.